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Quick Links: Summer Nail Colors

Newport, Oregon last summer. Definitely NOT a warm beach.

It’s definitely summer right now, and this heat ain’t no lie. Usually around now I’m planning my summer trip back home to Oregon. Going to visit the fam means summer, and you can’t have summer without going to the coast. I’ve had that on my mind a lot, and maybe that’s why I haven’t really started thinking about summer nail colors. I needed some ideas for some festive summer colors to bring with me, and I came across a few articles with some suggestions that helped  me get on track. Check ’em out:

This Summer’s Must-Have Pedicure Colors-Shine

Hello, Sunshine! Yellow Nail Polish for Summer.-Stylist

10 Shades To Swipe on This Summer-RealBeauty

Poppin’ Nail Color of The Week: L.A. Colors Amethyst

The sunlight is a little misleading.

I’ve had this nail polish for a while and I’ve never even worn it yet. How dreadful.


Peppermint Swirlin’ Nails

I wanted to try a watermarble look, since I haven’t done one in what seemed like ages and the red nails I have been sporting gave me the perfect opportunity to try out a peppermint look.



Poppin’ Nail Color of The Week: Revlon Tangerine

Tell me this nail color ain’t poppin! I have searched for this particular shade of orange since last summer when I wore my first orange nail polish. Once again the poppin’ nail color of the week is fruit inspired. I don’t like tangerines, but I like this nail color.  It is a true summer color, and orange seems to be everywhere as the summer of 2011’s go to hue. I ain’t mad at it. What I am mad at though is Revlon polish in general. This will also be a mini product review.


Fun and Easy Nail Look: Newspaper Manicure

Now I have another way to recycle old newspaper. I saw this article on Bellasugar about newspaper manicures, and there was a link to a blog that they have on their site with a tutorial. Of course, I had to give it a try. It just looked like too much fun.


Check Out This Nail Bling!

Can we say “bling bling?” I got that old school BG song in my head. He was my least favorite artist from Cash Money, but the song is infectious and once it’s in your head it’s hard to get out. Kinda like these Bling Nail Appliques from Nail Bliss.

Nail Bliss Bling Nail Appliques "Pink Gradation"


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