Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

The sunlight is a little misleading.

I’ve had this nail polish for a while and I’ve never even worn it yet. How dreadful.

Most of the time, my nail color mirrors my mood. Since I’ve been in an unrelenting headache purgatory the past few days (feels like years), I decided that I needed a pick me up. Now the idea did cross my mind that nail polish fumes wouldn’t be all that beneficial to my situation, but whatever. Nothing makes me feel better than a new bottle of nail polish and freshly painted nails.

And it did make me feel better. What’s not to love about this color?! It’s purple. It has a faint touch of shimmer. It’s great! Even though it’s a dark color, it’s not too dark for summer. That’s what the shimmer is for, right? Shimmer or glitter can perk up any  plain nail polish.

I put on three coats of nail polish instead of two. With two coats, it looked more like the initial picture I showed yall, but lighter. I wanted it to look like the color in the bottle hence the extra coat of polish.

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