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Poppin’ Nail Color Of The Week: Nicole by OPI Cherry on Top

See what I did there with that "cherry on top"...

I’m still hunting for that perfect shade of red, and I came close this weekend when I bought Cherry on Top from Nicole by O.P.I. I’m wearing a topcoat in these pictures, so the finish without it is not so glossy.


Quick Link: Kardashian’s and OPI Team Up For Upcoming Collection

Kardashian’s fan? I wasn’t til a couple of weeks ago when I was bored and caught “Khloe and Lamar”. I admit I like that show, but still not a fan of any of the other shows or sisters. Anyway, for the stans out there, the Kardashian sisters have teamed up with OPI for a new collection. It is still in the beginning stages, but you can read more about it at Bellasugar. I think they would create the type of polish I would buy. Will you be checking for it?

Quick Peek: China Glaze Island Escape Collection

I’m not a fan of China Glaze (that’s another story), but if you are, I saw this display at Sally’s the other day of their new Island Escapes Collection for summer.

Honestly, I do admire that China Glaze always has a plethora of colors to choose from. This collection though, seems ho-hum.  I haven’t seen any summer collection this year that had a wow factor anyway, but this is just plain in my opinion. You can get a closer look here.

Black and White Nail Look

Black and white. In fashion those two seemingly plain primary colors can make a very bold statement. Understated  glamour is sometimes better than blatant glamour. That being the case, I still never wore black or white nail polish. I didn’t think that I would ever find black nails  anything but depressing and white nails anything beyond boring, but I wanted to try something different.  This week I played around, and this is what I came up with.


Poppin’ Nail Color of the Week: Orly’s Oh Cabana Boy

I was looking for a new nail color, something hot pink to be exact. Orly’s Oh Cabana Boy is just the color I was looking for. This color pops! As soon as I got in my car after purchasing it, I was applying it to my nails before I even put the key in the ignition.


Quick Link and Mini Rant: Snakeskin Manicures. Ewww!

It took all I had to find and post this pic. The angle is kinda cool though..

I abhor snakes. The sight of the slithering reptiles makes me do crazy things. Like run like wildfire out of a room as I scream in fear and disgust if one comes across the t.v. screen, or send books and magazines flying across a room then run like wildfire as I scream in fear and disgust if I see a snake picture while I’m reading. See the pattern here?

They are just icky and gross to me!

Product Review: Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Color

Just about everything claims to be high-definition today, from T.V.’s, to cameras, to makeup,  so why shouldn’t nail polish companies get in on the action? Sally Hansen did with their HD Hi-Definition Nail Color. It has been around for a while, and since I haven’t reviewed any Sally Hansen products beyond their Salon Effects, here we go.


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