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Tip of the Week: Storing Polish in the Fridge.

There is an article on Yahoo that they linked from Cosmopolitan magazine with tips for making beauty items last longer. One tip they shared was storing your nail polish in the refrigerator, stating that it could “extend the lifespan to two years”. Not sure for if I would try it, but whatever works for you.

Tip Of The Week- Q-Tips

So…. Why is there a  picture of some Q-tips on here? If you are an old nail polish pro, then you probably already know. For fixing mistakes!!!

Like breaking out the Crayola’s and coloring book when you were five, sometimes you color outside of the lines. For those times when you mess up and smudge polish on your fingers, you can just dip a cotton swab in some nail polish and erase away.

Tip Of The Week-Ice Water

By nature, I’m an impatient person. Waiting for my nail polish to dry just exacerbates that. Even if I find my holy grail nail polish color, I will boycott the brand, talk bad about the makers mama, and anything else if it takes all day to dry. I don’t like to wait!

For those impatient folks like me, I came across a tip a while ago that helps my polish to dry faster. Ice water. After my first coat of polish has dried completely, I take a big deep bowl (sometimes a casserole dish since they are deep too), and put in about 6 or 7 ice cubes and water. I dip my hands in and keep them there until the polish gets hard.


Now, the water is cold, so I do have to take my hands out periodically, but that just gives me a chance to gauge how hard my polish has gotten. It works in a pinch, though I don’t do it often cause like I said, that water’s cold!

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