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Come Again? Glitter Polish + French Tips = Fun Times For Me: Part Two

I said I’d be back with more. I may have been m.i.a for a while, but the glitter hasn’t gone anywhere. I’m still using it quite frequently. You could even say that it’s the only type of polish I’ve been wearing and there’s even more to come!

Anyway, I have had some successes, and some failures as far as glittery looks go but I’ll still share.  If this post had a theme, it’d be two-tone colors.

So here we go:


Glitter Polish + French Tips = Fun Times For Me

The past week or so I’ve been all about glittery/sparkly french manicure looks. It’s not a novel idea, but it is for my nails and I’m kinda loving it.

It didn’t start out as a glittery venture though. My nails had grown out a little bit when I first began playing around with the whole french manicure look. I liked it, but since I have a tendency to throw glitter nail polish on top of EVERY new nail look I try, I added it. Usually it’s a mistake, but this time when I broke out the glitter polish, I actually liked it.


Pictorial: Black and Blue Nail Look

I’m trying to be more creative with my nails. Scouring various YouTube tutorials for inspiration has been very helpful and fun, and I decided to try and come up with my own nail look. It’s pretty basic. Nothing fancy, but it’s a start.

I’ve also decided to try my hand at pictorials, so here we go:


“Abstract French Nail” Look from Youtube

Thought I’d share this cool nail look I did a few weeks ago. I saw this tutorial on YouTube by user Beenabop and decided to try it. I’m not into “tips” really, but I loved this look so much I wore it for almost two weeks! That’s just about a personal record.

I can’t even lie though, it was a pain to do at first. I redid my nails time and time again. I stayed up late trying to get it right.  I never got some lines perfectly straight, but they were straight enough. Doing my right hand was horrible!!!!!!!! After the millionth time though, it got easier. Practice really does make perfect.

I’m having fun browsing through the YouTube nail art videos and playing around. Those ladies are really good! I hope to one day get decent enough ideas on my own, but in the mean time I’ll keep trying what I see and sharing with y’all.

Products Used:

L.A. Colors Nail Polish Cotton Candy

L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Silver Glitter and Black

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish in Boom Boom

Orly Sec’ N Dry Quick Dry Top Coat

Abstract Jackson Pollock Inspired Nail Look

I had a bright idea a while ago for a nail look to try. My thought was an abstract expressionism, Jackson Pollock type of look. In my mind I played out exactly how it would go. I’d splash some nail colors onto my nails, and it would look marvelous. It would be simple cause I knew what I wanted it to look like. I was so excited to try it, cause I knew it was gonna be fun!

Yeah right.


Bling Bling! Nail Bliss Bling Appliques Review

I finally did it. I don’t know why I put it off for so long. I think perhaps I was waiting for some major event so that I could show off my blinged out nails in style. That major event never happened, so I decided to wear my styling nail art anyway.


Multi-Colored Colorblocked Nail Look

So I’ve been m.i.a for a few weeks, and that was purely laziness! I do go through spurts of not doing my nails, and this was one of those times. I did my nails only once and I let the polish stay on til they were way past chipped and exhausted. Now they are naked. Boring but convenient.

Anyway, have yall heard about or implented the color lock style into your wardrobe or look? It is everywhere from clothes to makeup, so you know nails weren’t too far behind.  I’m totally loving it, and I decided to experiment a few weeks ago.

When I first decided that I wanted to try it out, this was not the look I envisioned. I thought more along the lines of a two toned, side-by-side look, but I still like what I ended up with.

I had been wearing the purple polish for a few days, and had just bought some new polish and wanted to try it out on the way home (I wasn’t driving!). Since I can’t get a straight line while riding in a car, when I got home I decided that a black line across would help cover that up stylishly. The reason that my nails are different colors is that I wanted to experiment and see which nail color looked best against my purple base. I ended up loving it, and doing my other hand the same way.

I will probably try colorblocked nails again at some point in the future, and try to mix it up a bit. Do you like the colorblocked nail trend? What are some looks that you have come up with?

Products used:

L.A. Colors Amethyst

L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer Black

Ulta Salon Formula Grin & Berry It

Ulta Salon Formula Alter Ego

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Crushed

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Ivy League

O.P.I Purple With a Purpose

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