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Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Ok ladies, I let yall in on KISS Broadway Celebrity Nails, now let’s talk about the Sally Hansen version, Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. As previously stated, I am a Sally Hansen nail polish stan, so I don’t think that I could hate on them. I can’t say that there is much difference between the two brands, except for the fact that Sally Hansen’s version has bigger selection to choose from.

My favorite one would be the hounds tooth looking one, which they have named Check It Out. I wanna check it out! And I will!

They have some interesting names for these things too, like Fly With Me, Booty Camp, Laced Up and Electric Shock. There was a pamphlet next to their display where they described it as:

  1.    Real Nail Polish.
  2.    No Dry Time.
  3. Lasts up to 10 Days.
  4. Remove with Nail Polish Remover.

According to the pamphlet, all you need to do is Peel, Apply, and File. Sounds pretty simple. I will be reviewing these soon so stay tuned!

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