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Trying New Spring Color: Sally Hansens Xtreme Wear in “Mint Sorbet”

I don’t follow trends for the most part cause I’m lazy, but I decided to try out what is apparently a hot subtle nail color for spring 2011. Pale, milky pastel colors are in and since I have grown to adore the understated look so much, I decided to try a version of the light, creamy green color that is touted as the new neutral hue for spring. I linked an article frpm  hellobeautiful a few weeks ago that had a gave some examples, and I used that as my guide. I decided on a shade from Sally Hansens Xtreme Wear Collection called “Mint Sorbet”.

At first glance, I was like um, no. Definitely not for me. Too pale. Too bland. Too much like dipping my  nails into a bottle of Mylanta. I skeptically painted one nail, and was not feeling it. I pressed on though, and applied the polish to all of my nails.

Dare I say I like it? Cause I do. I really do. What do yall think? Is it a color that you would rock, or not?

Getting Sandal Ready Feet : My At Home Pedicure Routine

I don’t know about yall, but were I live it’s been hot for a minute. Like yesterday was 93 degrees. Texas hot.  Shorts, summer dresses, tank tops, and flip flops have been in heavy rotation in my neck of the woods. Honestly, I can wear flip flops year round. When I lived in Oregon, folks bragged about wearing flip flops in the snow. I wore them through all the months of continuous rain.
That’s just how we rolled.
Since the boots have been pushed aside and the flip flops are back, it’s time to take a look at the feet. I really don’t like people touching my feet, so getting a pedicure isn’t for me. That doesn’t mean that I don’t take care of my feet on my own. (more…)

Color Me Green With Envy: My Look of the Day

“Spring is bursting out all over! All over the meadows and the hills.” That was the beginning of a song we used to sing in music class in fourth grade. I don’t remember most of the song, but those first two lines are playing in my head today as the sunlight streams through my blinds, and the birds sing to me. Yes they are singing to me! At least that’s what I tell myself as I lay in bed smiling as I hear them chirp chirp chirp away. I wonder what they talk about sometimes….

I’m feeling so bright and refreshed, and green is the color for me today.

Makes me want a blended margarita

I did my nails a toned down lime color green earlier in the week, and I decided to color coordinate EVERTYHING to match. I don’t wear much green, so I’m pretty much wearing everything that I own that comes in the color. (more…)

I Got The Blues…

The nail polish blues! I don’t believe that nail colors should be relegated to certain times of the year, and I think blue can be worn on the nails year round. I went through my stash, and rounded up the four blue nail colors I own.

From L-R: Teal of Fortune, Coat Azure, Marine Scene, and Blue Icing

Pale, sparkly, dark, shimmery, doesn’t matter which one I choose, they all look fabulous. Last winter, I discovered Blue Icing, and I fell in love. It was the perfect change from the somber, dark colors usually seen on nails out and about during the colder months.
Marine Scene was my first “bold” blue color. Bought last summer, it was one of my first edgier polishes…. such a rebel I am.
And of course, yall already know about Teal of Fortune and Coat Azure.
Right now my nails are feeling Essie’s Coat Azure. We’re loving the soft, matte finish, and the bold yet subtle color. I’m sure I will add to my collection at some point, but for now these four blues suffice.
Do yall wear blue nails in the spring?

Product Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I have been anxious to try these outs, and after store hopping, I finally found the one that I was wanting at Walgreens.

Salon Effects in Check It Out

This pattern is called Check It Out. It’s houndstooth, and I love it. What drew me to these besides the interesting effects, was the fact that I didn’t have to wait for polish to dry! That can be tedious, and I usually end up smudging at least one finger. Like I have said before, I’m not into nail art, but I couldn’t resist this.

There are 16 strips that come in the package. I thought that was great for mess ups. It also comes with a cuticle stick, and a nail file for buffing away the excess.

The instructions for prepping your nails are:

  1. Start with clean, dry nails.
  2. Push  back cuticles with wooden stick.
  3. Shape free edge of nail with hot pink side of file.
  4. Gently smooth surface of nails with gray side of file.
  5. Give nails one last swipe of nail color remover to remove any excess dirt & oil. (This step is extremely important as it helps your manicure last longer.) Ensure there is no creamy or oily residue left behind.
  6. Use warm hands for maximum flexibility and stretch.
  7. To remove strips, use nail color remover.

Now it’s time to apply.

  1. Select best fitting strip for each nail.
  2. Remove clear protective plastic cover, then peel nail polish strip from backing paper.
  3. Choose the side of the strip that best fits the shape of your cuticles. Break silver tab from strip.
  4. Place strip against cuticle line. Hold strip at the center for maximum control.
  5. Smooth excess over nail edge, forming a crease around the edge of the nail. Gently file away excess from nail edge using light pink side of file.

Picking out the right size strips and sizing them on my fingers reminded me of going to get my nails done, when the nail tech is sizing up the acrylics for my nails. That was the only part I ever liked, and it I”ll admit, it was kinda fun doing it today. Don’t mock me!

Ok so, I had a problem applying the strips. They aren’t so flimsy and sticky that they are hard to manage, it was just that I had a hard time applying without having any creases or bumps. The nice thing about it is that if you haven’t pressed them down completely, you can remove it and reapply if you mess up.

Notice the creasing. This was prior to the buffing.

After a while, I just gave up on it and applied as best I could.

I also had  a problem with the sizing of the strips. Even though they appeared to line up perfectly, some were too wide for my fingers, or not wide enough, even after mixing and matching. Those extra six strips really came in handy, cause I had a few do-overs.

I applied them all first, then buffered. I didn’t think that the nail file would do anything, but it actually cut the extra strips off perfectly. Except for the over hang that is on my fingers, and I’m still not sure what to do about that.

After a few hours, I applied a topcoat, because I have noticed that where the creases are, it is starting to break down, and I can’t be having that! These strips are touted to last for 10 days, and I want to get every last day I can outta them.

At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the look, but I got compliments to every store I went to today. One clerk had to apologize because she wasn’t even paying attention to what I was saying she was so caught up in the nails!

I’m 50/50 on the repurchasing. I do like to do different things with my nails, but applying them for me was a hassle. For 9.99, I kinda expected a little bit more.  Especiall since I go so hard for Sally Hansen. I think they would be fun for special occasions though.


Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Ok ladies, I let yall in on KISS Broadway Celebrity Nails, now let’s talk about the Sally Hansen version, Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. As previously stated, I am a Sally Hansen nail polish stan, so I don’t think that I could hate on them. I can’t say that there is much difference between the two brands, except for the fact that Sally Hansen’s version has bigger selection to choose from.

My favorite one would be the hounds tooth looking one, which they have named Check It Out. I wanna check it out! And I will!

They have some interesting names for these things too, like Fly With Me, Booty Camp, Laced Up and Electric Shock. There was a pamphlet next to their display where they described it as:

  1.    Real Nail Polish.
  2.    No Dry Time.
  3. Lasts up to 10 Days.
  4. Remove with Nail Polish Remover.

According to the pamphlet, all you need to do is Peel, Apply, and File. Sounds pretty simple. I will be reviewing these soon so stay tuned!

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