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My Not -So- Humble Opinion: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

It’s one of those things were you really want to like something that you know you shouldn’t, but continually bump your head against the wall trying to make it work.

I have flip-flopped over this review for the past couple of months. I know it’s just nail polish, but I’m just torn and confused by this product. I’m having such ambivalent feelings about it, and I’m not sure that I have resolved them. I first purchased this product back in July, and had my mind made up about it within a day. I decided to revisit it a few months later and try to be more open-minded, and my mind did change a bit.

As the name implies, this product is marketed as a “Complete Salon Manicure”. According to their website that means that it contains:

5 Steps in 1 Bottle: Base Coat, Strengthener, Growth Treatment, Color and Top Coat      

With Vita-Care Technology for advanced wear, more shine, and nourishing care.

In my opinion that sounds like the perfect nail polish since it has everything you need (and then some) incorporated into it. However,  I also think that’s it’s downfall. I think that it is trying to do too much, and in the end you get a mediocre polish that doesn’t live up to it’s name.

The color I purchased this product in is called Calypso Blue.


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