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Nail Polish Bubbles Ruins Lives: Three Preventive Tips So You Can Save Yours

This was not the look I was going for..

One of the most aggravating things to deal with when I’m putting on nail polish and really makes me feel like grrr is when I’m checking out my freshly done nail and see those tiny (or big) bubbles all over them. I hate having to redo my nails because of it! Especially when I’m trying to do something “fancy” with them and it’s actually turning out nice, and I have to start over a billion times (case in point).

A couple of months ago I was all ready to do a product review and just destroy the nail polish manufacturer. No matter  how many times I applied and reapplied their polish, I kept getting bubbly nails. I eventually gave up and went to another brand, yet the same irritating thing happened.


I came to the conclusion that perhaps it wasn’t the polish that was the problem, but me. Now I do know that some nail polish brands are just raggedy like that. I also know that you should make sure that each layer is fully dry before applying the next. Even so, I was still getting those horrific bubbles. I couldn’t pinpoint what I was doing to cause them, so looked it up.  A quick search revealed the culprits.

The three rules for preventing nail polish bubbles are:

  • Roll, don’t shake your polish before using.
  • Apply thin layers, not thick ones.
  • Allow each layer to fully dry before applying the next.

My problems were the shaking and thick layers. I’ve always been a shaker and applying thick layers was my standard cause one dip into polish was never enough for my long nails. What that left me with was colorfully bumpy nails that you could read like braille.

So if you’re having issues with nail polish bubbles, those three tips should help you eliminate the problem. If not, you can always mask them with a  swipe of glitter polish. 🙂



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