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Sephora by O.P.I. New Glee Inspired Polish

I’ve never watched the show, but I do know that fans are called “Gleeks”, so for all y’all Gleeks out there, check out the new polish line inspired by the show, from O.P.I and Sephora. The colors are something to sing about! I love the sassy names they have given them, like Hell to the No, Diva-in-Training, and my fave Miss Bossy Pants. Check out the collection here.

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Already! O.P.I. New Nail Polish Line Inspired by the Long Star State

As a Texas girl born and bred, I’m extra excited about the new Texas Collection coming out for spring/summer of 2011. The colors don’t look like anything extraordinary, though they do have some interesting (borderline corny but I love corny), Texas inspired names. Do You Think I’m Tex-y is a pinkish/mauve color that reminds me of this old school Wet n Wild lipstick my ex’s mom caked on her lips daily.  San-Tan Tonio is a nude color reminiscent of peanut shells. It’s Totally Fort Worth It is a pale lavendar color with a hint of shimmer is perfect for spring. 

Head on over to  O.P.I.’s website to check out the whole collection:

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