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Spring Has Sprung! My Top Four Colors For Spring 2011

These are my top four colors for spring this year. A few of these you might have seen on different websites or magazines that have ‘the definitive” list of what the hot nail colors are this spring. This year, I took a few of those suggestions and a few of my own. I do wear more colors than the four below, but they are the ones that are in the heaviest rotation, and the ones that I feel really say spring.

From L-R: Sinful Colors "Boom Boom", Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Mint Sorbet", Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Lacey Lilac" and Essie "Coat Azure"

What are your fave colors for spring this year?

I Got The Blues…

The nail polish blues! I don’t believe that nail colors should be relegated to certain times of the year, and I think blue can be worn on the nails year round. I went through my stash, and rounded up the four blue nail colors I own.

From L-R: Teal of Fortune, Coat Azure, Marine Scene, and Blue Icing

Pale, sparkly, dark, shimmery, doesn’t matter which one I choose, they all look fabulous. Last winter, I discovered Blue Icing, and I fell in love. It was the perfect change from the somber, dark colors usually seen on nails out and about during the colder months.
Marine Scene was my first “bold” blue color. Bought last summer, it was one of my first edgier polishes…. such a rebel I am.
And of course, yall already know about Teal of Fortune and Coat Azure.
Right now my nails are feeling Essie’s Coat Azure. We’re loving the soft, matte finish, and the bold yet subtle color. I’m sure I will add to my collection at some point, but for now these four blues suffice.
Do yall wear blue nails in the spring?

Product Review: Essie Coat Azure from French Collection and Jamaica Me Crazy

I gave in. I decided to live in the “wild side”, and finally try Essie nail polish. And I can’t say that I’m disappointed. Not having an OMG, screeching and texting- all- my- folks- raving -about- it moment either, but I enjoy it.

I was drawn in by the opaque colors. There was a hint of iridescence, and I liked that it was just enough to give it a touch of character.  I also decided that it was time to try something different, and tone down the polish every now and then. I don’t always have to be so extra with my polish. So I bit the bullet, and bought Jamaica Me Crazy.

Coat Azure and Jamaica Me Crazy


Essie Spring Collection

My favorite artistic period is Impressionism. Books admiring the works of artist such as Degas, Monet, Manet kept me occupied for hours at the library when I was younger. The soft impressions of the brush strokes against the canvas made me appreciate and take a different perspective of the everyday beauty around us.

From left to right: French Affair, Coat Azure, Sand Tropez, and Nice is Nice

The new Essie Spring Collection has left a similar impression on me. Not only are they reminiscent of that period in art, these pastel polishes subtlety say “spring.” I see buds emerging on the trees, flowers blooming, and smell the soft scent of morning dew as I look at these colors.

 I have to admit that I have never tried Essie nail polish. To me, they have always looked pale. Does that make sense? Besides,  I like my polish to have a little more spark. This collection could change my mind though. You can check out the whole collection here.

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