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KISS Nail Artist Kit Part Two- Here We Go Again

We're Back!!!!!!!

I said I would keep trying.

I finally figured out a “style” for my nails using the KISS Nail Artist Kit. I had a dream about it! How sad is that?¬†Anyway, my dream was a simple one.¬†That I took two different colors, and alternated them using a criss cross pattern.

I woke up inspired.


L.A. Colors Color Craze

L.A. Colors Color Craze Polish

This past week I tried out a few of the colors from L. A. Colors Color Craze Collection. Since I’m crazy for polish and color, they were made for me. First of all, can’t beat that price of a dollar. If you read my other post concerning L.A. Colors, I wasn’t completely enamored by them. Well, that has changed. I do believe that they are my new go to nail color when I am in a rush.

I’m in love. (more…)

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