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Do You Base Coat?

Scanning nail blogs and reading articles in various beauty magazines, the one recurring manicure tip besides using a top coat is using a base coat. Applying a base coat prior to your nail polish is not only supposed to help your nail polish adhere to your nails better, which helps your polish last longer, but also prevents it from staining your nails.

I vaguely remember using it a handful of times when I was a teenager and found it to be an annoying process and an unnecessary extra step. Unlike using a topcoat, which benefits seemed obvious (shiny nails, longer lasting polish), the benefits of a base coat were somewhat dubious to me. The few times I did use a base coat, I can’t say that I experienced any noticeable benefits. I felt that it made my nail color peel off from my nails, and it took me longer to remove my nail polish. I wrote it off as a scam by the nail polish companies and the nail salons who were getting kick backs from them to get you to by more product (I was such a mini conspiracy theorist back in the day!) and quit using it.

After all my reservations and down right dislike, I started having second thoughts after looking at my stained nails.

It looked worse in person.

 A few weeks ago after some research, I gave in and bought  a base coat. So far, so good, but I will have a definitive review down the road. So do you use a base coat, and if so notice any benefits?

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