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Long Nail Vent!

My nails naturally grow long and they do it pretty quickly. And I love that about them. I am known for my long nails, and it tickles me when people think they are fake. I enjoy the look that long, painted, fingernails give you. It’s sophisticated, and sexy. Now, when I say long,  I’m not talking crazy, 3 inch long nails, but a tasteful length. I don’t think I could go longer than a quarter of an inch. The issue with them is that they get in the way of everything! It’s twice as hard to type, pull up my pants, open cans, not to mention the mornings I wake up with scratches on my face from those middle of the night itches I must have dealt with in my sleep. It’s ridiculous.

I long for the days of not having to scrub my nails constantly cause I got ish stuck in them, especially after trying to bake from scratch, or handling raw meat. Have you tried getting dough from under your nails?!!! Zipping up my pants is annoying, cause my nails can’t always get a grip on the zipper, especially if it’s down all the way. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s the truth!

Today I ran into the grocery store and got a bag of apples. My lovely nails tore through the produce bags It’s annoying trying to hold and grip things with the balls of your fingers.

So, I get to a certain length, and then I get rid of the suckers. And I feel so free! I can wash my hair and massage my scalp without worrying about cutting myself. I can apply creme eyeshadow with my fingers without getting chunks under my nails.  

I got a serious love/hate relationship with my nails. I’m like a junky though. I always vow that I will cut them after I try this new polish out on them, then a week later I found just one more polish that I must try out.

It’s pathetic and sad.

But I’m serious about it this time cause I’m tired of them getting in my way!

Ok, rant over.

How long do your nails get before you”re ready to cut?

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