Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

I guess....

I’ve had two realizations: that my nails look better longer, and that nail art should be reserved for medium to longer length nails. Though I have seen some amazing nail art for short nails on YT, they didn’t look amazing on me. Perhaps my ineptness at mastering the nail art medium has something to do with it, but I think it has more to do with my long skinny fingers. It just looks better to have long nails.

The proverbial light bulb popped up a few weeks ago after I clipped my fingernails straight to the nub (I was nipping flesh with the nail clipper, it was that close). I haven’t clipped my nails that short in a while cause I usually like to have a little something to work with, but wow. Although it was nice to be able to have my nails out of the way, I paid the price with boring looking nails. Plain nail polish looked just, plain. Nail art was a joke. I was clueless.

I finally had an idea to just focus on glitter. So the few times I have worn nail polish, I chose to rock some variation of nail polish layered with a glitter or sparkly polish on top. It seemed to be the only thing that I could figure out that looked decent on my short nails, even though I felt like my 10-year-old niece.

My niece would totally rock this...

I really don’t know how I wore just plain nail polish on my short nails back in the day, cause now it just seems so boring. I guess I can blame YT and all those nail art tutorials for giving me all them fancy ideas.

I shake my fist at them…

Anyway, I can say that this gave me a chance to use some nail polish that I had just sitting around, and spawned a glittery nail polish kick, so not all was lost. What do you do with your  nails when they are short? How do you make your nails look interesting until they grow out?


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