Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.


Can you tell I've been in glitter mode lately?


Have you ever bought something and asked yourself how you ever lived without it before? That’s how I feel about Beauty Secrets Manicure Nail Polish & Art Wheels. They have completely transformed my life! My nails have been rescued thanks to these and life is easier.  Having them has truly been a blessing. I must have been seriously slow to have just recently discovered them (thanks to YT).

I NEED them because I’m forever playing around with nail polish. After a six or seven color changes a night, including all of that nail polish remover that gets used, the nail bed starts to get irritated. Not only that, but my nails were beginning to look stripped and unhealthy.  The past month I actually had to wear my nails bare  and only wear polish every other weekend, because they badly needed a respite from all the crap I was doing to them. I always feel so naked without nail polish so it was traumatic…

Now I can play around as much as I want and not have to worry about it. The only time I really experiment on my nails now is when I wanna try a french manicure look. It’s kinda hard to get a straight line on those nail tips, but that’s minor. It’s also pretty cool that you can just place one nail tip over your own and  can get an idea of how whatever look you came up with will look like on you.

For a pack of 10, I paid 5.39  with my Sally’s card (regular price is 5.99), and each wheel has 18 nail tips to play with. That’s a pretty good deal I think, and worth every penny.

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