Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

The half-moon look has been around for a while, but this is my first time actually mastering it. After many failed attempts last year, I eventually gave up on it. I decided to attempt it again when I  saw a couple of  cool looking pics recently and a simple YT tutorial.

Most of the color combinations that I saw were pretty boring, but when I saw a black and white version, I just had to try it.

This is a very simple tutorial. Here are the products that I used:

1.) After applying a base coat, I applied two coats of white nail polish, and allowed it to dry overnight. You don’t have to let it dry that long, but it should dry for at least an hour. The longer it dries the better, so that the glue from the paper reinforcements do not remove any nail polish.

2.) Next, take a reinforcement label, and play with against your fingers (like I do below) by patting it back and forth, or apply it to the back of your hand and remove a few times. This takes off some of the adhesive so that it’s not to hard to remove and doesn’t leave a tell-tale glue ring.

3.) Then apply the reinforcement label to bottom of the nail, and press down onto your nail, starting from the middle, and work your way out to the edges working out any bumps or wrinkles.

4.) After securing, apply a layer of black nail polish to the nail above the reinforcement label.

6.) When the polish has dried for at least 10-15 minutes, remove sticker, apply top coat and you’re done!

Some helpful tips:

    • After pressing the reinforcement down on your nail, leave the part that is touching your finger to remain loose. It will be easier to grab ahold of when time to remove.
    • When applying the black nail polish, try not to let it get past the reinforcement and touch any white polish.
    • Also when applying the black polish, try not to get too much polish around the reinforcement. It will collect there and leave an obvious chunk of polish when you remove the reinforcement.


Comments on: "Pictorial: Black and White Half-Moon Nails" (2)

  1. These are awesome! I will have to try this!

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