Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

I had a bright idea a while ago for a nail look to try. My thought was an abstract expressionism, Jackson Pollock type of look. In my mind I played out exactly how it would go. I’d splash some nail colors onto my nails, and it would look marvelous. It would be simple cause I knew what I wanted it to look like. I was so excited to try it, cause I knew it was gonna be fun!

Yeah right.

I read somewhere that Jackson Pollock said that his art isn’t an accident. Must have been nice to know and have confidence that every drop and splash of paint is exactly where you want it to go, cause I had a hell of a time trying to get this right.

 After putting on a coat of yellow nail polish, I slathered my hands in Vaseline. Then I got to slinging nail polish. First mistake. I thought just swinging the brush around with plenty of polish would do. Nope. You have to flick your wrist just right to achieve the desired look. It took forever for me to actually get any polish on my nails. Second mistake was not positioning my hands at the right angle to “catch” the polish.  I redid my nails at least 10 times cause it wasn’t looking the way I wanted. I finally just gave up and let it do what it do.

It was messier than I thought it would be. I ended up with splashes of nail polish on my legs ( I was wearing shorts), arms, and my flipping wall. I was clearly not as prepared as I thought I was. I swore I would NEVER do it again, so it’s a good thing I have pictorial evidence.

Products Used:

Wet N’ Wild Fast Dry The Wonder Yellows

Wet N’ Wild Red Red

Wet N’ Wild  Eggplant

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Crushed

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Ivy League

Revlon Pineapple Fizz


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