Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

Every time I do these poppin’ nail color posts, I have Lil Mama “Lipgloss” on rewind in my head. I look down at the polish on my nails and I’m all like: “It’s poppin! It’s poppin’? It’s poppin’. She ain’t frontin’!”

What you know ’bout me.

Yeah. So, this weeks poppin’ nail color is actually two nail colors (like you haven’t figured that out from the title). Today marks the proverbial end of summer  -insert sad face-, but I’m not gonna let that get me too down. Summer is year round for my nails as far as I’m concerned, but I will mark the end of the calendar year summer of 2011 on a bright note.

I first applied two coats of Wet N’ Wild’s The Wonder Yellows to my nails. It’s a lively, bright color on its own, but the addition of Revlon’s electrifying Pineapple Fizz (which is a scented nail color by the way, more on that later), really made the nails pop.

These two pretty awesome nail colors have combined their forces to become one poppin’ nail color look of the week. The combination of vibrant and sparkling sunshine yellows that these colors provide is the ultimate summer nail color, and it’s definitely poppin’ like bacon grease in a hot skillet.

Yes, I’m corny.

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