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I finally did it. I don’t know why I put it off for so long. I think perhaps I was waiting for some major event so that I could show off my blinged out nails in style. That major event never happened, so I decided to wear my styling nail art anyway.

So much to say about these things. I loved them. I hated them. Well, maybe not hate, but there was one particular thing that got on my last good nerve, and precluded me from wearing these nail appliques for longer than two days. I will get to the pros and cons later, but first I will show yall what I did.

The instructions were as follows:

  1. Clean nails with polish remover.
  2. Apply base coat to nails and let dry.
  3. Size Bling appliques, leaving a slight gap between skin and Bling Nails. This will allow the top coat to seal Bling onto nails.
  4. Apply Bling, pressing firmly onto nails for better adhesion. Appliques should not touch skin.
  5. Gently fold Bling appliques over natural nail tips and make flush by filing only in a downward motion to remove any overhang.
  6. Apply top coat and let dry.

I got carried away before I started taking pics, hence the missing appliques...

I read the instructions a few times, then got my nails ready. I chose not to use a base coat since I wanted a little bit of color on my nails. I chose L.A. Colors Cotton Candy, and applied two coats.

After they dried thoroughly, at least 30 minutes, I applied the first applique.

I had to file down my nails because they were longer then the appliques. Once that was finished, I applied one to each nails, filing away the excess. I used a orange stick to smooth out any bumps and make the edges adhere to the nail. Applying these was actually easier than any of the other nail art decals/stickers I have used. And faster. I was done in probably 10 minutes.

Now to the pros and the cons.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Comes with 16 appliques, so there is room for error.
  • Affordable, at under 5 dollars at Sally’s.
  • Looks different than most nail art decals out there.
  • Removal is easy.


  • So this was huge enough for me to remove these things after two days. The edges of them, for whatever reason, kept catching on my hair! That wouldn’t have been a major issue, but I usually keep my hair braided up in crochet braids, but during the time that I tried these, I was giving my hair “a break”, and rocking my natural hair. Constant snagging and snatching out my hair is not good.
  • The appliques were a little wider than some of my nails so I had a hangover that I needed to cut. I did that with a nail clipper after the fact. Kinda made it look jagged. I would suggest sizing and shaping before applying. Very small issue, but thought I might share.

So back to the removal of these appliques. The instructions state:

Gently peel off bling Nails, starting from side corner of cuticle area. Remove any base coat residue with polish remover.

And it really was that simple. So much easier than trying to use nail polish remover. They peeled off easily, and the gunky residue that was left over was quickly removed with nail polish remover.

So how does this rate?

1 being the absolute worst, and 5 being the absolute best, I rate this a 4. If it weren’t for the snags, it would be getting a five. I am definitely eager to try more appliques from Nail Bliss and will keep yall posted.

Comments on: "Bling Bling! Nail Bliss Bling Appliques Review" (4)

  1. theresa said:

    I tried the zebra print decal over pink nail polish. LOVED IT. Had so many complements. Easy to apply, never snagged in my hair (have long hair), lasted 2wks. Defenetly recommend.

  2. Bought a couple sets of nail bling very similar to these. Very skeptical to nail appliques at first but was anxious to give them a try, I’ve heard good things. I’ve had a shimmery blue set and another very similar to your’s -from the Icing. Although I wasn’t excited about dishing out 8 bucks a set- I think it was overdue. Still waiting for that “special occasion”, nothing’s come up yet, I’ll probably end up donning them anyway, like you! Great review, thanks!

  3. Chantel Zalman said:

    Ewww your supposed to hide the parts around the cuticle lol. Horrible job!

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