Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

It took all I had to find and post this pic. The angle is kinda cool though..

I abhor snakes. The sight of the slithering reptiles makes me do crazy things. Like run like wildfire out of a room as I scream in fear and disgust if one comes across the t.v. screen, or send books and magazines flying across a room then run like wildfire as I scream in fear and disgust if I see a snake picture while I’m reading. See the pattern here?

They are just icky and gross to me!

Last spring I was down on my hands and knees in my yard cleaning out my flower bed, when out of the corner of my eye I saw this small green thing that was sliding rather fast directly past my hands. Snake? In my yard? That wasn’t possible. I hadn’t seen one of those in person outside of a zoo since I was kid, but there it was. In less than 2.5 seconds I screamed, jumped, and ran across that yard like I was being chased by a food depraved, woman hungry lion.

I ran for my life! That shady, sneaky, slinking, slimy snake had me running around MY yard, yelling and looking like a crazy woman. Even when I was a good 2-3 yards away, my heart hadn’t stopped pounding, and I was poised to take off again if need be. How did I know that thing didn’t chase me across the yard?!

I shake my fist at snakes.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, my aversion to snakes, whether so-called “harmless” (I think that’s a myth) garden snakes, rattlesnakes, or anaconda’s prohibits me from wearing anything related to snakeskin as an accessory. I don’t care if it’s faux snakeskin shoes, purses, or whatever. I ain’t buying it, and I definitely ain’t wearing it. When I saw the heading for the article “Snakeskin Nails: Would You Pay$300 For a Manicure?” on Stylistcom, equals amounts of disgust, incredulity, and curiosity had me clicking on the link and reading the article. There’s even a video but the ewwness (it’s a word now!) factor prevented me from watching.

That title is a trip too. That they seemed to be more outraged by the price of the manicure than by the fact that folks are wearing discarded skin of a living creature on their nails is beyond me. Really?

I guess whatever floats your boat…

Photo Courtesy: PocketAces Via

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