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Just about everything claims to be high-definition today, from T.V.’s, to cameras, to makeup,  so why shouldn’t nail polish companies get in on the action? Sally Hansen did with their HD Hi-Definition Nail Color. It has been around for a while, and since I haven’t reviewed any Sally Hansen products beyond their Salon Effects, here we go.

I stalked  these polishes forever before finally committing.  I love the bold, iridescent colors, and the high shine finish had me lusting for them. I needed them in my life.  However, like I have said before, I prefer to buy one nail color if I haven’t tried the brand, and if I like it, purchase more. So I had a hard time deciding what color to buy, and after weeks of intense decision-making, I finally settled on Byte.

Byte is a high wattage, shimmery magenta that is bold and in your face. It’s a sassy pink, nothing innocent about it.

Hue is a bright, golden-yellow color. It was my first yellow nail polish, and I liked the fact that it there was a quiet boldness to it. The only real issue was that it shows up very pale on the nails, and those picture was taken with two coats of polish.


  • Nice, bold colors.
  • Applies evenly.
  • Last for at least five days before chipping.
  • Has a nice, glossy finish.
  • Affordable, at only 6.49 (at Walgreens).


  • Takes forever to harden. It seems to be dry and hard, but one false move and you’ve nicked your polish (notice the nail in the Hue pic). I’m talking an hour later be careful when doing anything that requires you to use your nails.

So, on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the absolute worst, and 5 being the absolute best, I am giving it a 4. If it wasn’t for the hardening issue, I would be giving this polish a 5, but it is a really big issue for me. I don’t have all day to be nervous about ruining my nail polish!

Check out the whole collection here.

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  1. Very pretty, and even better with pretty flowers in background

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