Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

I have a fondness for anything that has a faded, gradation look. From clothes, to earrings, to stationery, I’m all about it. As soon as I saw the look on nails, I knew I had to try it. I found a written tutorial online, but since I’m a visual person when it comes to learning, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t grasp it. I searched online for more tutorials, but most were of ombre nails where either the pinky or the thumbnail is darker and each following nail gradually fades out into a lighter color. That’s a cool look also, but what I was looking for was a tutorial for an ombre look on each nail.

I found what I was looking for with this tutorial on Youtube. It is by  far the best I have seen, and it instantly made sense once I actually saw the process being done.

I used four different nail colors for the look, then applied a glittery orange polish to complete it. For the base color I applied two coats of L. A. Colors Crazy in Shock. I let that dry, then dabbed on Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Crushed. On top of that I  applied Nicole by O.P.I One Less Lonely Girl’s Collection in Omb! at the half way point, leaving some of the orange color to show. Last I put on Wet N’ Wild Wild Shine in Burgundy Frost on the tips and faded it down. The final color I used on top is Wet N’ Wild Fast Dry in Orange.

I chose these colors cause I have been wearing a lot of purple and pinks lately. More of a summer look, but as hot as it’s been (mid to upper 90s all last week!), it might as well have been summer.

Comments on: "Fired Up! Orange and Red Ombre Nail Look" (2)

  1. how do you achieve the “fade it down” process? very cool!

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