Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

It’s been a few months since I first tried the new nail art decals, their ubiquitous presence in almost every store nail aisle making them difficult to ignore. After my frustrating initial experience, I didn’t think I would ever try them again. Yet there I was in Sally’s, standing at the checkout all poised and calm as the sales clerk rang up my Art Club Glam nail art decals in Mad For Plaid.  On the real,  I felt like a six-year-old at Dairy Queen anxiously waiting to get my dipped cone (personal favorite)!  I couldn’t wait to try them out! I just knew they would look as perfect in real life as I already imagined they would in my head.

You know where this is headed, right?

Have you ever compared your current boyfriend to an ex? I’m not saying that is the wisest thing to do, but it happens. That’s kinda what I started doing when I finally tried them out. I have only used Sally Hansens Salon Effects, but I couldn’t help but instantly compare the two.

Art Club had 14 decals, Sally Hansen had 16. Sally Hansen had a nail file and orange stick, Art Club didn’t.

But I’ll stop there. Since Art Club Glam didn’t come with those utensils, I used the file from Sally Hansen and my own orange sticks.

And I was ready to work

The instructions state: 1. Decals should be applied to clean nails, either polished or unpolished. 2. Select appropriately sized decal. 3. Lift decal, place on nail and press to secure. 4. File off excess decal from the free edge. 5. Seal with top coat or sealer. 6. Remove with polish remover. 7. Decals may be trimmed to size, if necessary.

So I removed my polish, cleaned my nails, and removed the first decal. I’m not gonna beat around the bush, it’s not looking good for the Art Club stickers. It’s bad. Just bad. My first inclination that I would not be happy with this product was when I peeled off the decal and noticed that instead of a white background, it was clear. See through. Um, no.

Placed on my nail you saw the bland color of my nail peeking through the designs. No no no. Since the instructions clearly stated that I could apply these on polished nails, I broke out my white nail polish (good thing I just happened to buy my first ever bottle of white polish a few weeks ago) and painted my nails. I waited an appropriate amount of time before starting to apply, about 10 minutes. I only applied one coat of polish, so that was ample time for it to be sufficiently hardened.

Notice my nail color through the clear part.

I did my thumb first, because from my only other experience with these nail decals, that is the easiest one to pick out. I did like the fact that with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, each sticker was individually packaged which made it easier for me to pick, fit, and decide which sticker would go on which finger. You do get a good idea with these, just a little nitpicking.

Since I’m still not adept at applying, I had to remove a couple a few times and restart and they do remove easily.  After I applied all of the stickers to my nails, I filed away the excess, and used my fingers or the orange stick to press them down.  And here is where the true problem is. I don’t know if it was because of the nail polish that I had on, but it wasn’t sticking all that great. Especially at the edges. I pressed and pressed, and though it did hold, it wasn’t a strong one. And that started to piss me off.

I didn’t try them without the polish, cause it had to be there for it to look decent. With the polish, my suspicions was that it was causing the decals not to adhere properly. Eventually, I just ripped them all off. To say I was disappointed would be the understatement of the week. I was angry!

I’ve checked out the Art Club website, so I’m not totally against trying another product from them, but it certainly won’t be these nail decals again.

On a scale from 1-5, 1 being the absolute worst and 5 being the absolute best, this gets a big fat 1!

Simply horrid. That is all 🙂


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