Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

We're Back!!!!!!!

I said I would keep trying.

I finally figured out a “style” for my nails using the KISS Nail Artist Kit. I had a dream about it! How sad is that? Anyway, my dream was a simple one. That I took two different colors, and alternated them using a criss cross pattern.

I woke up inspired.

I used L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polish in Electrified as my base. I used the soft blue and soft purple colors from the nail kit, and got to work.

Applying the lines was kind of awkward at first, until I discovered that it is easier to apply the lines if I move my finger in the direction I want, and not the brush. It’s also not so easy getting a straight line on my right hand no matter what, so I had a little exercise in patience.


I did all the blue lines on my fingers first, then went over them with the purple. Here is the finished look:





Kinda look like an Easter egg, or laced up ballet slippers, but I can dig it. I believe I will have fun experimenting and coming up with different looks with this kit. I saw a different one with black, white, and silver colors that I actually might go buy and try.

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