Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

I like to consider myself an artist.  When I was younger, my dream job (besides being a lawyer), was to be a famous artist. Sketch pad in hand, I sat in my room daydreamed that I created a revolutionary new artistic movement, became famous and revered in the art world, and lived happily ever after. The end.Perhaps that will still happen one day, but if my artistic career hinged on my nail art abilities, there would be no hope for me.
Lemme keep it real: I’m no nail artist.
I don’t know how those brilliant folks at the nail salons do it, but more power to them. Trepidation aside, I went ahead and purchased the K.I.S.S. Nail Artist set . I’ll try anything once when it comes to my nail, so I figured why not.
The set I purchased comes with two sets of stencils, three pastel colors, and stick on diamonds. They advertise a “precision point brush”, and it is pretty sleek and precise.

"The Kit"

The only instructions were on the side of the box, and they were somewhat helpful.


Seems pretty self explanatory, even if you don’t read.
I played around with the kit at first, just to get a feel of it. I’m a good sport, so I’ll share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mostly bad and ugly, but yall will figure that out soon enough. These pics will really drive home the point: I’m no nail artist!

Fail #1 & #2

Fail #3

Next, I attempted to replicate the nail on the box.

Looks simple and fun!

My attempt wasn’t so simple or fun.
Applying the stencils to the nails are kinda annoying. Either they stick really well and leave a sticky residue on your nails, or they don’t stick so well and your line isn’t perfect.

Stencil is on

Stencil is off.

I haven’t given up on this kit, but there are a few things that I learned:

  • Don’t stick the stencil on too hard.
  • The brush works better for making designs. It is too thin to try to make a colored french manicured look, as I attempted above. Better off using regular nail polish for that.
  • Allow the polish to drip off of the brush before using. Excess runs off from the top and you will end up with too much polish in some spots.
  • Those little diamond stickers are hell to put on! Try using tweezers to apply.
  • It dries pretty fast, about two minutes.
The handle and the brush sometime separates from each other:

This happened with 2 out of 3 of the colors. Will go back in place after a few tries, but still.

I paid less than four dollars for this kit on sale at Walgreens. Regular price there is 6.99 so it’s not like I spent a lot of money on it. I can’t give a definitive review just yet, but I will definitely keep yall posted.

What do yall think so far? Tried it and loved it, or hated it?

Comments on: "Product Review: KISS Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit" (3)

  1. I just tried this and ya the stencils dont work AT ALL and the polish smells really really bad it smells like car paint! Ish! I hate this!

  2. Madelyn said:

    The brush is stuck by the dried up nail polish around the opening of the bottle. Take the brush out then clean the outside of the opening with nail polish remover and it won’t stick anymore :]

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