Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

“Spring is bursting out all over! All over the meadows and the hills.” That was the beginning of a song we used to sing in music class in fourth grade. I don’t remember most of the song, but those first two lines are playing in my head today as the sunlight streams through my blinds, and the birds sing to me. Yes they are singing to me! At least that’s what I tell myself as I lay in bed smiling as I hear them chirp chirp chirp away. I wonder what they talk about sometimes….

I’m feeling so bright and refreshed, and green is the color for me today.

Makes me want a blended margarita

I did my nails a toned down lime color green earlier in the week, and I decided to color coordinate EVERTYHING to match. I don’t wear much green, so I’m pretty much wearing everything that I own that comes in the color.

Nails, makeup, and accessories.

My go to nail color, the one that started this whole thing, is Sally Hansens Xtreme Wear in Ivy League. That line from Sally Hansens is hands down, my number one nail polish. It never fails me. That nail color had been on my nails for at least 5 days. Still no chipping!

Anyway, I found a green shirt to match my green nails.

Kinda matches

I did my makeup green also. I have NEVER worn green makeup before in my life, but I decided to go all the way with this green thing. I actually wasn’t disappointed. Who knows, green eyeshadow might just make regular rounds in my makeup looks.


Green Eyed Gal...

And another one



So, here I am today. Looking like a bar of Irish Spring.

Greened Up!

Yall know I’m crazy right?

Do yall ever coordinate your entire look around your nail color?

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