Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

I gave in. I decided to live in the “wild side”, and finally try Essie nail polish. And I can’t say that I’m disappointed. Not having an OMG, screeching and texting- all- my- folks- raving -about- it moment either, but I enjoy it.

I was drawn in by the opaque colors. There was a hint of iridescence, and I liked that it was just enough to give it a touch of character.  I also decided that it was time to try something different, and tone down the polish every now and then. I don’t always have to be so extra with my polish. So I bit the bullet, and bought Jamaica Me Crazy.

Coat Azure and Jamaica Me Crazy

I’ve never been to Jamaica (perhaps once in this lifetime I shall journey there), but if and when I ever do, I plan on sipping on fruit flavored drinks spiked with some sort of alcohol, strolling barefoot on a sandy beach at sunset, and letting the wind blow through and mess up my hair, all while wearing bright, warm colors, such as Jamaica Me Pretty.

The polish is a vivid, slightly iridescent shade of fuschia, a perfect middle ground between spring and winter colors.

In the light

This is one of my favorite colors anyway, from clothes, to jewelry, to makeup. It is a constant in my life, and I’m all about this nail color. The down side to this is that it does tend to look dull, and lose its sheen after a few days, so a good topcoat is a must.
 Coat Azure is an opaque, flat color, with a hint of shine, but don’t let that fool you. It is an amazing spring color! I shocked myself with all the love I was feeling for this color. It reminds me of those pale, light blue easter eggs chocolate candies. I never liked the candies (too much chocolate in one place for me), but I always loved the pastel colors. So bright and cheery!
And this nail color is bright and cheery. It is subtle enough to wear everyday, yet colorful enough not to feel dull.
In the light

I no longer give matte nail colors the side eye. Thank you Essie Coat Azure for helping me see the light!

So I did learn a few things about Essie nail polish though:

  • Begins to fade/chip within 5 days.
  • Always needs a topcoat, so as not to look dull.
  • Dries in a relatively fast time, about 2-3 minutes per coat.

I’m not sure that it is worth 7.99 per bottle, I have found polishes that are just as amazing, if not better, for less, but I still like them.

So did Essie nail it or fail it?

Considering the whole package, they nailed it.


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  2. This product is high quality but here you can find it for lower price:

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