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Call Me Crazy But…

Check out my mixed polish swag!

Every now and then I totally coordinate my outfit and my nails. Sometimes outfit, nails, and makeup. When I look at my freshly painted nails, I get this giddy feeling inside and I just want to match everything to it! Last week I had on of those days. One a whim,  I decided to mix and match my nails.

I used a fuchsia and white polish, alternating the look between nails. At first I wasn’t too fond of the look, but it grew on me and I wore it the rest of the week. Do yall ever  match your nails to your clothes?

Quick Link-Nailing Down Some Business

Check out this interesting article at Cocoandcreme that asks readers the question “What do you think about the black presence in the nail care industry?”

Fab Deal: Half off Priti Organic Nail Polish

If you are wary of the chemicals that go into nail polishes, over at they have posted a link for 50% off an organic nail polish from Priti. The colors look pretty decent. Click here to learn more.

Sephora by O.P.I. New Glee Inspired Polish

I’ve never watched the show, but I do know that fans are called “Gleeks”, so for all y’all Gleeks out there, check out the new polish line inspired by the show, from O.P.I and Sephora. The colors are something to sing about! I love the sassy names they have given them, like Hell to the No, Diva-in-Training, and my fave Miss Bossy Pants. Check out the collection here.

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Product Review: Milani Ruby Jewels

I absolutely, positively, adore shimmer nail polish. If companies are trying to get me to buy their polish, just throw some type of glitter in there, and it’s sold! It’s my nail polish achiles heel. My lacquered kryptonite. I have zero defenses against it.

So when a hint of sparkle caught my eye while browsing the Milani makeup line, my attention was instantly drawn towards it. And there it was. A ruby red nail polish, with tons of glitter. It reminded me of the glitter and glue tubes we used for arts and crafts back in elementary school. I loved those! I was sold.


Like any other nail polish aficionado, as soon as I got home, I put in work. I hurriedly rubbed off the old, and excitedly applied the new. My anticipation grew with each layer (with glittery/shimmer polish I always apply three layers to get as close as possible to the color in the bottle).  After fanning, waving my hands up and down, and blowing my breath all over them, my nails were sufficiently dry. I raised my hands up to the light to admire it. And…

It was ok.

Where do I begin. Let’s start with color. I did admire the color. It looked about 90% of what was shown in the bottle.  The glitter isn’t all bam in your face, but it was decent.

Yes I know I have polish on my finger...I'm messy!

The first thought that popped into my head was that my fingernails looked I had dipped them in blood. Strange I know. The red was very vibrant.The finish was matte, and rough to the touch (I always run my fingers across my dried nails to feel the finish), so it required a topcoat. That is somewhat annoying because it takes forever to remove, but it’s minor.

As I applied the polish, I noticed that it was thin. The good thing about that is that it took about three minutes to completely dry between each coat.  The bad thing about it is that I knew it wouldn’t last five days without some signs of wear and tear. Even with being extra careful with what I did with my fingertips (no cleaning that required vigorous scrubbing, or using my fingernails to open things), the polish still began to slowly wear away by the beginning of the third day.

All in all, I did like the color a lot. I do wish that it had a longer wear time, but it’s not horrible. I would buy it again if I happen to be shopping and it catches my eye, but I’m not making any special trips to repurchase.

I paid about four dollars. On the website, it’s advertised as 4.49.

Taking It Off: Acetone Vs. Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover


Author Note:

 As I did research for this article, I started to find more topics discussing the health aspects of acetone vs. non-acetone. I’m no scientist, or health fanatic, though I do like to be aware of what I’m putting into my body( I have just begun to have some interest in chemicals that are used in everyday beauty products thanks to the information I’ve found on natural hair care boards). The science of acetone or non-acetone and the health aspects of each one I will leave for you to read and decipher on your own. I will leave links to some informative articles at the end of this post.

I love my nail polish, but I hate removing it. Taking off nail polish is a tedious task that I could really do without. Today I wanted to fling my nail polish remover soaked cotton balls across the room after struggling to remove my Jesse’s Girl Polish . I shouldn’t have to be able to bench press 360lbs. just so I can scrub off some nail polish, Okay!  

That’s what I get for using three coats plus a topcoat….

Anyway, that got me to thinking about  nail polish remover in general.  Such as what is the best type of remover? Which remover takes off polish the quickest?

There are plenty of options out there, though I always end up standing in front of the nail aisles trying to decide between acetone or non-acetone. Then I have to figure out  in what manner I want to remove my polish. You have the regular ol’ liquid remover that comes in a bottle, then there is kind that you can dip your finger into a remover soaked sponge in a container, or the simple nail polish remover wipes. I’ve used all three and for whatever reason I keep breaking out my cotton balls and remover bottle. 

When I decided to investigate the subject, I figured that the form that the remover came in made the most difference. And in some aspects, I still believe that it does play a role. But, after looking deeper into the subject, I found out what is most important.

What I found is that the active ingredient in the remover determines how effectively it will remove your polish. Since acetone and non-acetone are the  most prevalent removers I find and the only ones that I have used, those are the two I focused on, though I realize that there are  more options available besides those two.

So the question is, which one works best?


Already! O.P.I. New Nail Polish Line Inspired by the Long Star State

As a Texas girl born and bred, I’m extra excited about the new Texas Collection coming out for spring/summer of 2011. The colors don’t look like anything extraordinary, though they do have some interesting (borderline corny but I love corny), Texas inspired names. Do You Think I’m Tex-y is a pinkish/mauve color that reminds me of this old school Wet n Wild lipstick my ex’s mom caked on her lips daily.  San-Tan Tonio is a nude color reminiscent of peanut shells. It’s Totally Fort Worth It is a pale lavendar color with a hint of shimmer is perfect for spring. 

Head on over to  O.P.I.’s website to check out the whole collection:

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