Adding color and glamour to life, one nail at a time.

I’m not really a nail art type of gal, I’m good with polish alone. Nail art seems to be a little extra, but to each their own. A couple of weeks ago I was at Target and saw a display for Sally Hansens Salon Effects, which are nail art designs that you can peel off and apply to your own nails. I was intrigued, but passed up for the moment. Today, while I was browsing the local nail section of Fred Meyers, I came across this display.

First I thought they kinda swag jacked Sally Hansen (Sally Hansen stan all day!), but I could be wrong. Secondly, I wasn’t impressed by the designs. I like the idea of just “sticking” your polish on, but I need a little more to work with.The display case has two sets of supposedly trendy dresses on either side, and those dress patterns are what inspires their Stick On Wraps.  The website touts these as “Celebrity Style Designs. Dress up your nails with our brand new, revolutionary instant nail makeover!”

I’m not sure about all that, but it is definitely something different.  Below are some close up pics I took  to give yall an idea. You can also head over to the KISS website and check them out here:

*Disclaimer: I took these pics with my phone, so please excuse the low quality. I tried!



The first one is a leopard print design. I have NEVER been a fan of anything leopard print, so my opinion is extremely biased, cause I.DON’T.LIKE.











This one is also a leopard print design, but with a red color. Notice how it fades from a gold cuticle tip, to the red. I like the faded look, but still a negative for me.











 The third one is a floral design. I love flowers, but I can’t co-sign this. It kind of reminds me of these hipppie-ish flower stickers I posted all over my notebook sophomore year in highschool (I was going through a bell bottom, butterfly collar, flower child  late 60″s, early 70’s phase).




The last one is the best one. It looks like a silver, shimmer,  diagonal line design. I could see myself wearing this.  














So what do y’all think? The cost isn’t much, at 5.49 per pack. I don’t think I will be purchasing. I’m not completely turned off by the concept, but none of the designs I found appeal to me. Have yall tried these? What did you think?


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